Legal IT Hub

Legal IT Hub is a practical program of the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice (UA2J School), administered by the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation.

The task of this direction is to research, analyze and create technological solutions in the access to justice field and increasing the legal capacity of communities.

The UA2J School and its Legal IT Program offer technological solutions to legal aid providers for:

1. work organization (workflow administration)

2. service (a convenient and affordable way to provide and receive legal assistance).

The Legal IT Hub program works according to the following plan:

1. Researching the needs of legal aid providers in technological solutions – on an ongoing basis.

2. Examination of existing IT products.

3. Presentation of existing IT products to interested parties.

4. Finding support for creating the necessary IT product.

5. Creation of own IT products.

Products created by the Technological Solutions Laboratory of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation:​

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