Domestic violence is one of the most common legal issues that PLHIV paralegals work with
Violence is one of the most common problems that women from vulnerable groups have addressed to paralegals over the 5...
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Paralegal advice. How to obtain a certificate of a serviceman’s stay in captivity?
Yana Tokar is a legal adviser at the Legal Clinic of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University. She also coordinates...
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Teams of paralegals to help people solve legal problems in the regions
During the war, paralegals create conditions for Ukrainians to resolve legal issues - even in remote communities and cities. They...
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How do paralegals in Mykolaiv region work during the war?
How can a child with a disability be evacuated abroad during the war and receive assistance on the spot? During...
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Did the aggressor state force you to commit a crime? The algorithm of actions of lawyers cooperating with the FLA system in the course of client defense has been updated
If the defense counsel becomes aware of the client's actions/inactions under the influence of physical or psychological coercion, he or...
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Violence against men: why they are silent
The problems of men as a group that suffers from violence are still the least discussed of all. During the...
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Paralegals app – guaranteed legal assistance and a knowledge base for finding help
A huge community of Ukrainians has now united to help the military and their families, doctors, people who were forced...
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How the Istanbul Convention will change Ukraine: an overview of the main articles
On June 20, 2022, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ratified the Istanbul Convention with 259 votes in favor. Ukrainian human...
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