Legal Empowerment

Communities must rely on their knowledge to solve systemic legal problems: define the problem, analyze its causes, and choose an alternative for its solution.


The Legally Capable Community program helps initiatives (teams) develop and conduct research on the legal needs in communities.


The teams initiate the development of local access to justice programs based on the data collected. Or they can use other tools to ensure access to justice in their communities. School programs support them in this.



Program activity includes:

  • Competitive selection of communities interested in researching legal needs;
  • Training for teams from these communities (“how to conduct research”, “how to use advocacy tools to promote access to legal aid”);
  • With the help of a group of practitioners, each of the selected teams develops a research program and conducts its research.

The teams present the research results in their communities and advocate a strategy for solving the identified problems.


The educational and practical program “Legislative Community” has been implemented by the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge on Access to Justice since 2019 on the basis of the network of legal clubs #PRAVOKATOR with the support of the Coordinating Centre for Legal Aid Providing, the International Renaissance Foundation, the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, partner organizations and institutions and is directly administered by the Legal Development Network.



Learn more about the Program here: LE Community

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