Custody records

Implementation of the electronic accounting and video recording system (Custody records) in the activities of temporary detention centers

Custody Records is an electronic recording of all actions related to detained persons in temporary detention centers. The system aims to protect detainees from illegal actions by the police, as well as to protect law enforcement officers from baseless accusations thanks to effective 24-hour video surveillance in temporary detention centers.

The main principle of the Custody Records system for ensuring the rights of detainees is to guarantee the safety and decent conditions of a person in custody. Specially trained human rights inspectors will interview detainees and conduct electronic documentation.

The introduction of the Custody Records System in temporary detention centers means a change in the approach to keeping a person in isolation:

  • reconstruction of its premises,
  • equipment with the necessary equipment,
  • selection and training of temporary detention centers workers (human rights inspectors),
  • monitoring and responding to human rights violations.