Pro Bono Space in Time of War: How Volunteers and NGOs Can Get Legal Aid

Головна сторінка News Pro Bono Space in Time of War: How Volunteers and NGOs Can Get Legal Aid

Under martial law, volunteers, volunteer initiatives, NGOs and IDPs face many legal issues.

That is why Pro Bono Space updates and strengthens its work during the war.

Lawyers who cooperate with the Space are ready to advise the public sector free of charge, in particular on the following issues

  1. registration of a public or charitable organization during the war;
  2. development of internal documents;
  3. creation of the organization’s policy;
  4. amending the charter;
  5. advocating for changes to legislation;
  6. search for legal experts.

They are joined by our foreign legal partners Pilnet with a network of lawyers that currently covers 17 countries. They will help Ukrainians traveling to other countries with migration and temporary asylum issues abroad.

The Pro Bono Space team will also monitor, verify information and tell about volunteer and public initiatives that can help Ukrainians.

The updated website already has sections on:

  1. Legal aid for volunteer organizations and initiatives.
  2. Information for Ukrainians in Europe and the United States
  3. Resources for obtaining legal aid abroad
  4. If you are abroad and want to help Ukraine
  5. Help for temporarily displaced persons (in Ukraine)
  6. Housing in Ukraine and abroad
  7. Medical assistance online
  8. Help for the elderly
  9. Psychological help
  10. Help for animals

How can the public sector submit a request for legal assistance?

In order for volunteers and non-governmental organizations to receive legal assistance from the legal business, it is enough to leave a request on the Pro Bono Space website in the section “During the war” – “Legal assistance for volunteer organizations and initiatives”.

How can Ukrainians get free legal aid abroad?

For Ukrainians who have left for other countries and need legal assistance, there are resources of international organizations PILnet and European Pro Bono Alliance, partners of the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation. They connect Ukrainian refugees seeking any legal assistance with lawyers who are ready to offer support. The list of centers is available on the Space website and is constantly updated.

You can contact lawyers from our partner network on your own. If you are unable to do so, the Pro Bono Space team will help you to formulate a request and contact a lawyer from the country you need.

Help from Pro Bono Space

If you represent a non-governmental organization and need help, please leave a request for assistance here:

If you are a representative of a law firm and want to provide legal aid for the public good, write to us at Pro Bono Space!

If you are a Ukrainian refugee or a refugee abroad and require legal assistance, please contact or Pro Bono Ukraine.

Together to victory! Everything will be Ukraine!