Paralegals app – guaranteed legal assistance and a knowledge base for finding help

Головна сторінка News Paralegals app – guaranteed legal assistance and a knowledge base for finding help

A huge community of Ukrainians has now united to help the military and their families, doctors, people who were forced to leave their homes, and children affected by the war.

Ukrainians are faced with the fact that laws and algorithms for solving the most common legal problems are changing almost every day.

To facilitate the work of those who help others, Ukrainian NGOs and government agencies have jointly created the Paralegals app.

Who can use the app?

  • for anyone interested in algorithms of actions in complex legal cases (obtaining benefits, certificates, statuses, inclusion in registers, resolving family and labor law issues, crossing the border, military registration, etc,)
  • for volunteers to solve the most common legal problems,
  • for paralegals, who will be able to get free legal aid for their clients right in the app.

What unique features of the application will you have access to?

  • A knowledge base with algorithms for dealing with difficult cases that are relevant during martial law.
  • Important news from the volunteer and paralegal community. Also, announcements of training programs and courses.
  • Information support for paralegal and volunteer communities.
  • The ability to redirect a client to specialists of the free legal aid system directly in the application**.

Download the Paralegals app, get guaranteed free legal aid, and help others!

**Important: Only paralegals who have completed the recommended paralegal courses of the Ukrainian School of Practical Knowledge on Access to Justice or who already belong to the community of paralegals of Ukraine or other paralegal communities will be able to refer clients to the free legal aid system.

In Ukraine, since 2017, there have been several communities of paralegals who advise the public and help them obtain legal aid.

For example, community advisors are activists, enthusiasts who have legal knowledge, their own network of experts, and know where to go to solve a problem.

The application was developed jointly by the Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation, the Coordination Center for Legal Aid Provision, the Association of Community Advisers in Ukraine, and the Human Rights Compliance Department of the National Police of Ukraine with the support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.